How can I share my recommendations?
You can share your recommendations by sharing the direct link to the recommendation or by sharing a link to your public profile, that shows all your recommendations. The link to the public profile can be seen on the Public profile details page or by clicking your image in the top menu.
How can I require commission?
When you create a recommendation you can set how much commission you require in order to display the recommendation on your public profile. If your requirement is higher than what is offered then your recommendation will not be displayed.
How do I maximize commission earnings?
Consider visiting more places using promoter discounts and create recommendations of the places you enjoyed and include pictures in your stories and posts on social media. The more you refer to your public profile page on social media for example , the more you will earn. Remember, you earn commission in several ways. Firstly from direct bookings through your recommendations but also through in-direct bookings made by profiles signed up from your profile or from echo commissions when a booking is made through another users echo of your recommendation.