Below you can see the process to send welcome letters to guests via

Create Welcome Letter

First you need to create the welcome letter, before we can send it.

Click “Welcome Letter” menu item on your concierge site

After you login to the Concierge Site, you can see the menu item “Welcome Letter”. Click on this.

Choose the date and create welcome letter

Click the date field to activate the date picker. Then choose the date and click the blue “submit” button.

Copy Welcome Letter to clipboard

Then you copy the welcome letter to your clipboard by clicking the “Copy Welcome Letter” button.

Send Welcome Letter to guests from

Now that you have created the welcome letter we can send it to guests that have booked through

Go to Reservations

After login you click “Reservations” to look up a reservation.

Search for the Reservation

Then use the search filters to find the reservations you wish to contact.

Open every reservation you wish to contact

Now, go to each reservation to send each reservation a welcome letter.

Click “Send new message” Button

On the page for each reservation you can click to send a new message to the guest.

Find reservation

Paste in the welcome letter and press the blue “Send” button to send the welcome letter.