By Niklas Bastholm Hansen
Created Aug. 25rd 2021
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Pro Tips for Creators

There are many ways you can use HelloEcho as a creator, either to share great content for your followers, grow your audience via collaborations, get access to high discounts or earn commission income from bookings and orders. In this post I walk through our pro tips for creators that help you benefit from using HelloEcho.

Make Your HelloEcho profile your home on the internet:

The first benefit of having a HelloEcho account is that your public profile on HelloEcho can function as your home on the internet, the one place where you have links to everything you do and everything you recommend. Below you can see how a full HelloEcho profile looks on a big screen.

Links to all your social media profiles and blog etc.

On your public profile you can have links to your Instagram profile, your Facebook profile, your Twitter account and your YouTube channel, and as many other links you would like to have. You could link to your blog and a couple of articles in newspapers where you are mentioned or anything really. See below how the top of your profile would look like on a mobile.

Recommend other accounts and grow your influence.

In the next section of your profile you can have permanent links to the people you find most inspiration from. You can also use this to collaborate with others and link to their profile from your profile. Every time you send your followers to your HelloEcho profile from Instagram for instance, your followers will see the people you collaborate with and your followers will easily be able to follow the people you collaborate with. The same goes for the followers of the people you collaborate with. They will see your profile and it will be easy for them to follow you on HelloEcho or on Instagram, for instance. See below how this section would look like on a mobile.

Share your recommendations with your followers:

After your recommendations of other accounts or people on HelloEcho your profile shows your recommendations of restaurants, bars, cafées or perhaps an outfit from your favorite clothing store. All depending on what you choose to recommend.

Collaborate with other creators:

You can create recommendations together with other users on HelloEcho by adding their accounts in the “Collaboration” section when setting up the recommendation. When each of the collaborating creators create their own recommendation and all add the other creators in the “Collaboration” section in their individual recommendations, then all the recommendations will show images and text from all the collaborating creators. This is a great way to create recommendations together and collaborate with other creators.

Use HelloEcho to get access to great discounts.

Businesses on HelloEcho offer high discounts to promoters because they want you to experience their restaurants, bars and cafées in the hope that you will enjoy your visit, and actively recommend them. These discounts are typically much better than the dicounts offered to people in general. read more about discounts for promoters in the blog post Discounts for promoters.

Use HelloEcho as your agent.

When you recommend a business on HelloEcho we inform them that you have recommended them and that this could be a good business opportunity for both of you if they offer you a commission on HelloEcho for bookings or orders of their products or services. In this way we help you make deals with new companies and you can focus on the creative work as a creator. However, if you already have an agent or you enjoy working as your own agent and make your own deals, you can still use HelloEcho. If you sell products, services or have an affiliate link from a business you can add this to your recommendation so you can fully control all sales and bookings by yourself. This is a free feature on HelloEcho and always will be.

Earn commission from bookings or orders of your recommendations

Use HelloEcho as your agent in your work with local small businesses. When you recommend a restaurant, bar or café etc. we will reach out to the business and let it know that you have an interest in working with them. They will then consider offering a commission per booking to you per booking or order your recommendation creates and a discount for your followers. See more on how you can earn commission in the blog post Earn more commission.

Focus on the creative work, we help you make deals

HelloEcho is the only platform that makes it easy to work with restaurants, bars, cafées and local stores or a webshop. We help you start collaborating without you having to reach out to the places yourself. You can focus on the creative work of making the recommendations and we will help facilitate deals with the businesses and give you a platform to display your recommendations.

Earn Echo commission when other creators echo your content

Creators with small followings can earn just as much as influencers with big followings on HelloEcho, because of echo-commission. If you create an amazing recommendation, other influencers will echo it and when they earn commission through the recommendation you earn echo-commission. See more about echoes in the blog post What echoes are and how they work and see more about echo commission in the blog post The Commission Structure Explained.

Earn user commission when users sign-up via your profile

Creators with large followings benefit especially much by focusing on getting their followers signed up on HelloEcho through their profile because they can earn user commission on every booking with commission the user engages in afterwards. See more about signing up users through your profile in the blog post How to sign up users via your profile and see more about user commission in the blog post The Commission Structure Explained.

Earn creator commission when creators sign-up via your profile

We have created a special bonus for creators for signing up other creators. We call this creator commission. If a creator signs up via your profile and starts to refer bookings via their recommendations both you and the creator will get a bonus. In other words, the best way to sign-up on HelloEcho as a creator is through a creator profile because both of you get a bonus. See more about signing up users through your profile in the blog post How to sign up users via your profile and see more about creator commission in the blog post The Commission Structure Explained.

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