Axeltorv Bodega Memorial Plaque

About Axeltorv Bodega Memorial Plaque
At this Bodega, members of the Danish Nazi occupation resistance group called BOPA met before a great night out. The Nazis had come to arrest “Børge Thing” a notable figure in the resistance movement. Gestapo, the Nazi police, must have been informed of them being there so came to arrest them all. While Børge was paying the bar tab the others were escorted away, leaving him behind with just one Gestapo officer keeping an eye on him. When the bar tab was paid he too was escorted out of the bodega but then made a run for it. He jumped in front of a moving tram-train over to the other side of the street where he got into a taxi and yelled at the taxi to get moving. After the taxi ride, the driver insisted that Børge Thing got the ride for free because he had a brother in a concentration camp and was happy to help the Danish resistance movement.
Axeltorv 1
1608 København