1920 Reunification Monument

About 1920 Reunification Monument
Denmark lost a part of south Denmark to Germany in a war in 1864. When it was beginning to become obvious that Germany was losing World War I in 1918 Denmark pressured Germany during the peace treaty negotiations in Versailles to move the border back south. After the reunification it was decided to erect a monument to commemorate it in Fælledparken. The statue of mother and child was supposed to symbolize the relationship between Denmark and Southern Jutland. Denmark is here depicted as the caring mother protecting her naked anxious child that was lost for 56 years and now returned under her protection. On the front the base reads: “Til minde om Sønderjyllands genforening med moderlandet 1920” which translates to “In commemoration of the reunification with the motherland 1920”. On the back of the base it reads: “Skænket staden København af Carlsbergfindet 1930” which translates to: “Gifted to the city of Copenhagen by the Carlsberg foundation 1930”.
Blegdamsvej 31
2100 København