1. Update your business details
1. Update your business details
Start by updating your business details so that your hotel is correctly identified on HelloEcho.
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2. Add your employees
2. Add and verify your employees
Setup your employees or verify employees who signed up themselves. Once you have them verified they will gain rights as an employee and be able to see discounts and commission offers if you allow it.
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3. Make settings for all
3. Setup the rules for all employees
On the "Other Settings" page you are able to setup rules for all your employees if you want to enable or disable discounts and commissions for all your employees.
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4. Make settings for individuals
4. Make settings for each employee
You can also enable or disable discounts and commissions for each employee individually by editing the individual profile.
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5. See promotions page
5. Find great promotional offers
The promotions page shows you all the available offers in your area. This could be a discount, a commission offer or possibly both. In order to get access to discounts and/or earn commissions, your employees first need to be verified by you, and get your approval. As the manager, you will always have access to discounts and commissions since your account acts on behalf of the hotel.
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6. See the offer details
6. See the details of offers for you
Some discounts are very high and only available once, and others are lower but always available. In this way, you and your employees will be able to visit at least once at an incredible price but also have the option to come back regularly at a good price.
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7. See the offer details
7. See the commission details
Some places allow for promoters to earn commission for every booking made through a recommendation made by the promoter. In the promotions details you can see this commission, which is split in a share for the promoter and a share for HelloEcho.
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8. Book an offer with discount
8. Book the offer with a discount
Make use of the discounts offered to you as a promoter and manager and book an offer for yourself at a great discount. In this way you can try out the place yourself before you make a personal recommendation with your own images based on your own experience. This is a great way for you and your employees to be able to know the places close to your hotel. If your employees have visited the places themselves, they can better guide the guests.
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9. Add recommendations
9. Create recommendations
After you and/or your employees have visited a place and want to profess your love for it, share your love by adding a recommendation. Use your own images in the review to make the recommendation more personal and more engaging for your guests. When you make a recommendation as the manager, it is shown on the public hotel profile. The employees have their own profiles with their own recommendations.
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10. Recommendations on profile
10. Your profile is your home
Your public hotel profile includes all the recommendations you have created, and makes it easy for you to share them with your guests. They see your recommendations and book with a discount! This is your home on HelloEcho.
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11. Recommendations on profile
11. Share your recommendations
On your public profile, guests can see all recommendations you have made and filter or text search specific restaurants, bars, guided tours or cafées. When they click the recommendation card they will see the details of the recommendation.
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12. Engaging recommendations
12. Show engaging images & text
Your recommendations on HelloEcho will be engaging for your guests because you include your personal review in text but also your images from your own great experience.
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13. Your guests book with discount
13. Guests book with a discount
Many businesses provide both commission for the promoter and a discount for the guest when they book through your recommendation.
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14. commissions page
14. Earn commissions on bookings
When your guests book an experience via a recommendation you have made, and the business accepts commissions, you will earn a commission per booking completed. On the "Account funds" page you can keep track of your commissions earned.
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15. Earn more in new ways
15. Earn commissions in new ways
You can increase your commissions earned on every booking made through your recommendations, and earn commissions in other ways as well. See more on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.
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