How to sign-up users via your profile

By Niklas Bastholm Hansen
Updated Mar. 8th 2021
#GettingStarted, #Creator, #Commission

How to sign-up users via your profile

Creators on HelloEcho are able to earn user- and creator-commission on bookings via subscribers and creators referred by a creator. In order to qualify for these commissions you need to know how to signup users correctly, so we can credit you for referring them. In this article we show you how.

Send them a link to your profile

Locate your public profile on HelloEcho, where all your recommendations are shown publicly. You can find that by clicking your profile picture in the top menu, or by navigating to the Public profile details page.

When your follower or fellow creator follows that link they will see your public profile with a “follow” button.

Tell them to click the the “follow” button and then sign-up:

When they complete the sign-up process we will register the subscriber or creator as having been referred by you, and this will enable you to earn user- and creator-commission.

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