By Niklas Bastholm Hansen
Updated Mar. 8th 2021
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Earn more commission

We believe that the first income for social media creators should come from working with restaurants, bars, cafées and local businesses. Think about it: Your followers visit restaurants, bars, cafées, local stores and they want to know the places you love, and the businesses want you to tell the story. Your followers want to be inspired to visit new places, but helping them out also enables you to engage with your followers in a new and more intimate way. They are not just following you on social media but also get to have the same great experiences, that they have seen you share on social media. Restaurants, bars and cafées also have the advantage that they are services that everyone enjoys so regardless of the demographic of your follower base, we can safely say that restaurants, bars and cafées will still appeal to most of them.

Restaurants, bars and cafées have a very broad appeal for all demographics
Restaurants, bars and cafées have a very broad appeal for all demographics
Niklas Bastholm Hansen
Niklas Bastholm Hansen

This is why we really believe that all social media creators should be sharing their recommendations of restaurants, bars and cafées, with their followers and earn commissions on bookings by their followers. In this article we will share some ideas with you on how you can do this with HelloEcho to earn more commission.

Find good promotions nearby

Check the promotions page to find good places to visit, that offer commission or at least a good discount. Visit the places, get a discount, create a recommendation and share your HelloEcho profile on social media.

Make 10 great recommendations

Make about 10 great recommendations for your home region. Don’t worry too much about wheter or not the places offer commission. Your profile need to have a good solid 10 great recommendations.

Start requiring commission for some recommendations

Once you have a good profile with many recommendations, you can start to require commission in order to display certain recommendations. Over time, the restaurants, bars and cafées will want to try offering commission to see how many bookings you can bring. You can call this a strategy of mixing recommendations where you don’t require commission with some where you do.

Collaborate with fellow social media creators

Reach out to fellow creators/influencers to collaborate in several ways. You can create echoes of great recommendations made by others, of places you also love but haven’t made your own recommendation of. This makes it easy to fill up your profile with great recommendations of people you collaborate with. Also, they can echo your recommendations and you can earn echo commission on bookings made through their profile. See more about commissions in the blog post The Commission Structure Explained

Sign up your fellow creators through your profile

Help your fellow creators to sign-up on HelloEcho and you will both get a special bonus that we call creator commission. See more about commissions in the blog post The Commission Structure Explained

Refer your followers on social media to HelloEcho

Promote your HelloEcho on your social media accounts to sign-up your followers and subscribers from other social media sites. This will help you earn user-commission when they book a recommendation through you or someone else on HelloEcho. If you have social media accounts with many followers, we believe user-commission will be your most important commission type. See more about commissions in the blog post The Commission Structure Explained

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