How do I work with a business?

The first way is to check the “Promotions” page for businesses with promotions available, and create a recommendation of one of these businesses. If the business allows bookings and commissions, then your hotel will earn commissions on bookings made through the hotel recommendation. The second way is to invite a business to join HelloEcho by setting up a recommendation for a business you have not found on the promotions page. In this way we can see that you want to work with the business and we will contact the business and let them know they should consider making promotional offers like commissions and discounts.

How do offers for hotel managers and employees work?

Start from the promotions page, and click on one of the listing cards to see the offer details on the listing page of a business with an offer. Here you see the offers created by the business to you as a hotel manager and for your hotel employees. There are two different types of offers: One-time offers and offers always available. These offers are futher divided down to “regular promoters” and “top promoters. As a hotel manager you have access to the best offers on HelloEcho, since you are classified as a top promoter. Your employees are however, classified depending on how well they promote businesses compared with the offers they use for themselves.

One-time offers
One-time offers enable you to get a large discount for yourself, so that you can be incentivized to try out the services of the business.

Always available offers
Businesses can also set discounts that are always available to you, which will be lower than the one-time discount.

How does my hotel earn commission?

The business you recommend has to approve commission before commissions are applicable. The commission amounts offered are shown on the individual promotions pages. Your hotel can earn 3 types of commissions: Direct commission, user commission and echo commission.

Direct commission
Direct commission is earned through bookings of your recommendations, or your echoes of other recommendations.

Echo commission
Echo commission through bookings made through an echo of a recommendation you have made.

User commission
User commissions when a guest user, makes a commissionable booking directly through a recommendation you have made.

How do hotel employees earn commissions?

You can enable commissions for employees either via the “My Employees” page, if you want to enable or disable individually, or on the “Employee Rules” page if you want to enable/disable for all employees. If you enable commissions for employees then the hotel won’t earn commission on bookings made by the employee, via the employee public profile. The hotel will still make commissions on bookings made via the hotel public profile but not on bookings made via the individual employee public profiles.

What is direct commission?

Direct commission is earned on completed bookings of a recommendation made by you. The business you recommend has to approve commission. There are only commissions on bookings made and completed on HelloEcho. The commission amounts are shown on the individual promotions pages. The direct commission is 50% of the offered commission. In order to earn commission you must first enable commissions.

What is echo commission?

Echo commission is earned when a booking with commission is made through an echo of a recommendation you own. This will be through the profile page of other users. The echo commission percentage is 15% of the offered commission. In order to earn commission you must first enable commissions.

What is user commission?

The user referral program enables a promoter to get a larger share of the total commission when they refer new users to the site. When a new user is signed up via clicking the “follow” button on your public profile, we register this user as referred by you, and you will earn a share of the HelloEcho commission on all bookings made by this user up to 1 year after signup. As a hotel vendor, we will assume that if a booking is made through one of your recommendations by a user that is not signed in, we expect that you referred the user and thus you get the user commission. User commission is 15% of the total commission. In order to earn commission you must first enable commissions.

How are commissions paid out?

We transfer the commissions to the hotel bank account, on the 21st of each month. This transfer will include the sum of all commissions earned for the 21st of the previous month up to the 20th of the current month. When the transfer has been completed, we send a detailed breakdown of the commission details with a split in hotel commission and individual employee commission.

How can I get help/support?

You can always contact us using the support chat widget in the bottom right corner, or send an e-mail to