How do I work with a business?
The first way is to check the “Promotions” page for businesses with promotions available, and create a recommendation of one of these businesses. If the business allows discounts for promoters you can get a great deal for yourself, and if the business offers commission, you can earn commission on bookings made through your recommendations. The second way is to invite a business to join HelloEcho by setting up a recommendation for a business you have not found on the promotions page. In this way we can see that you want to work with the business and we will contact the business, and let them know they should consider making promotional offers like commissions and discounts.
How do I get approved for promotions?
First your manager must verify your employment at the hotel. Then your manager must approve your access to promotions. Speak with your manager about this.
How do I earn commission?
Firstly, the business you recommend has to approve commission and you have to be approved for promotions, by your manager, on HelloEcho. The commission amounts are shown on the individual promotions pages. You earn commissions in 3 ways: Direct commission, user commission and echo commission. See these types below: Direct commission Direct commission is earned through bookings of your recommendations, or your echoes of other recommendations.
Echo commission Echo commission through bookings made through an echo of a recommendation you have made.
User commission User commissions when a user you have referred to HelloEcho, makes a booking with commission.