Do I have to pay commission to use HelloEcho?
Paying commission is not required to use HelloEcho for businesses. You can use HelloEcho entirely for free, without ever paying a single commission. So why enable commission? The simple answer is to get more bookings. We suggest that you start without commissions enabled and evaluate if you get enough bookings. If you are not satisfied with the level of bookings you receive without offering commissions, you could enable commissions and set a low amount per booking. If you are still not satisfied with the number of bookings you get you can test if raising the commission amount is right for you.
How do commissions work?
You set commissions on the Promotions Settings page. Commissions are always per booking made, so if the order is for an experience for 2 people, then this order will be 2 bookings. If the order is for a product and the quantity is 2, then the number of bookings is 2. When you enable commissions it will apply to all bookings where the promoter has commission enabled and live up to the requirements to earn commission. See more about commissions in the blog post The Commission Structure Explained
Why are commissions disabled when account balance is low?
We want to ensure that promoters are paid when commission is offered, why we will lock your account and all recommendations when your balance is lower than 300 DKK and we risk not being able to pay the promoters. This is a matter of quality assurance.