Questions on getting started

How do I get approved for promotions?
First your manager must verify your employment at the hotel. Then your manager must approve your access to promotions. Speak with your manager about this.

How do I work with a business?
Check the Promotions page for businesses with promotions available, and create a recommendation of one of these businesses. If the business allows bookings and commissions, then you will earn commissions on bookings made through your recommendation.

Questions on commissions

How do I earn commissions?
You earn commissions on completed bookings of a recommendation made by you. The business you recommend has to approve commission and you have to be approved for promotions on HelloEcho. The commission amounts are shown on the individual promotions pages.

How can I require commission?
When you create a recommendation you can set how much commission you require in order to display the recommendation on your public profile. If your requirement is higher than what is offered then your recommendation will not be displayed.

Where can I see the commissions earned?
You can see all the orders where commission has been earned on the “Account Funds” page.

How are commissions paid out?
We transfer the commissions to the hotel bank account, on the 21st of each month. This transfer will include the sum of all commissions earned for the 21st of the previous month up to the 20th of the current month. When the transfer has been completed, we send a detailed breakdown of the commission details with a split in hotel commission and individual employee commission. the hotel will then know how much you earned and will pay out via your salary. We also update the “Account Funds” page with an entry that shows that commission has been paid out.

Legal questions

Rules on hidden advertisements?
Most countries have rules against hidden advertisements. We suggest you use the HelloEcho tag on your paid recommendations and that you make it clear in your recommendation text that the recommendation is an advertisement.

Other questions

How can I get help/support?
You can always contact us using the support chat widget in the bottom right corner, or send an e-mail to