Questions on getting started

How do offers for promoters work?
You can see the offer details on your listing page. Here you see the offers we create on your behalf when you make your settings on the promotions page.

What are “Top promoters” and “Regular promoters”?
We have regular promoters and top promoters. We classify these according to a proprietary algorithm that evaluates a promoters ability to generate revenue for businesses. Most of the evaluation of the promoters are based on their actions and results obtained on HelloEcho, such as how well they promote the places they use discount offers from.

How do I get bookings?
Setup your listing, create discounts for promoters and consider allowing commissions. You can get bookings through your own listing page or through the recommendations made by promoters. When your guests book directly through your own listing page you will not pay any commission per booking. When a booking is made through a recommendation made by a promoter then you control the commission paid. You can set how much you are willing to offer in commission per booking on the promotions settings page. Be aware that promoters can set a requirement for commission in order to display a recommendation. If your offer is too low, then some recommendations will not be active.

Questions on commissions

How do commissions work?
Commissions are per booking made on HelloEcho. If the order is for an experience and for 2 people then this order will be 2 bookings. If the order is for a product and the quantity is 2, then the number of bookings is 2.

Why are commissions disabled when account balance is low?
We want to ensure that promoters are paid when commission is offered, and so we will lock your account and all recommendations when your balance is low and we risk not being able to pay the promoters. This is a matter of quality assurance.

Other questions

How can I get help?
You can always contact us using the support chat widget in the bottom right corner.

Questions related to Hotel Manager accounts

How do I work with a business?
Check the Promotions page for businesses with promotions available, and create a recommendation of one of these businesses. If the business allows bookings and commissions, then the hotel earns commissions on bookings made through the recommendation.

How are commissions earned?
Commission is earned on completed bookings of a recommendation made by the hotel or the manager account. Both accounts are connected to the hotel account since the manager acts on behalf of the hotel. This means that both you and your employees can create recommendations on behalf of the hotel. The business you recommend has to approve commission before commissions are applicable. The commission amounts offered are shown on the individual promotions pages.

How do hotel employees earn commissions?
You can enable commissions for employees either via the “My Employees” page, if you want to enable or disable individually, or on the “Other Settings” page if you want to enable/disable for all employees. If you enable commissions for employees then the hotel won’t earn commission on bookings made by the employee, via the employee public profile. The hotel will still make commissions on bookings made via the hotel public profile but not on bookings made via the individual employee public profiles.

How are commissions paid out?
We transfer the commissions to the hotel bank account, on the 21st of each month. This transfer will include the sum of all commissions earned for the 21st of the previous month up to the 20th of the current month. When the transfer has been completed, we send a detailed breakdown of the commission details with a split in hotel commission and individual employee commission.