Questions on getting started

How do I get approved for promotions?
The base requirement is that you must have more than 5000 followers, and in most cases we will approve your account. However, we perform a test of your profile to determine several factors before we accept and verify a profile.

How do I work with a business?
Check the Promotions page for businesses with promotions available, and create a recommendation of one of these businesses. If the business allows bookings and commissions, then you will earn commissions on bookings made through your recommendation.

How can I share my recommendations?
You can share your recommendations by sharing the direct link to the recommendation or by sharing a link to your public profile, that keeps all your recommendations. The link to the public profile can be seen on the Other details page or by clicking your image in the top menu.

Questions on commissions

What are the ways I can earn commission?
As a creator on HelloEcho there are two ways to earn commissions:
– 1. You can earn direct commissions through bookings of your recommendations.
– 2. You can earn indirect commissions through followers you bring on HelloEcho through our ambassador referral program. You can see more about commissions on the “My Commissions”

What are direct commissions?
Direct commission is earned on completed bookings of a recommendation made by you. The business you recommend has to approve commission and you have to be approved for promotions on HelloEcho. There are no commissions for posting on social media, only commissions on bookings made and completed on The commission amounts are shown on the individual promotions pages.

What is the ambassador referral program?
The ambassador referral program enables a promoter to get a share of the commission earned by HelloEcho when they refer new users to the site. When a new user is signed up via clicking the “follow” button on your public profile, we register this user as referred by you, and you will earn a share of the HelloEcho commission on all bookings made by this user up to 1 year after signup.

How can I require commission?
When you create a recommendation you can set how much commission you require in order to display the recommendation on your public profile. If your requirement is higher than what is offered then your recommendation will not be displayed.

Where can I see the commissions earned?
You can see all the orders where commission has been earned on the “Account Funds” page.

How do I get commission paid out?
You have to fill out the bank details on the “Account Funds” page and then go through the withdrawal process. You will need to find your IBAN which stands for International Bank Account Number. IBANs always start with two letters with country code where Denmark has DK, Sweden has SE and Norway is NO. We charge a fee for paying out commissions because our payment processor “Stripe” charges a fee for this. We charge you the same fee that Stripe charges us.

Legal questions

Rules on hidden advertisements?
Most countries have rules against hidden advertisements. We suggest you use the HelloEcho tag on your paid recommendations and that you make it clear in your recommendation text that the recommendation is paid and who is paying for the recommendation.

Are HelloEcho commissions taxable?
Payments from HelloEcho are in most countries considered taxable income. We suggest you consult a tax advisor for more info.

Other questions

How can I get help/support?
You can always contact us using the support chat widget in the bottom right corner, or send an e-mail to

How do I maximize commission earnings?
Firstly, you should promote your HelloEcho page on your social media. You should consider visiting more places using our discounts and create recommendations of the places you enjoyed and include pictures in your stories and posts. The more you refer to your public profile page the more you will stand to earn. Remember, you earn commission both from direct bookings through your recommendations but also through in-direct bookings made by profiles signed up from your profile.