What echoes are and how they work

By Niklas Bastholm Hansen
Created Aug. 15th 2021
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What echoes are and how they work

Echoes are a big reason for the name HelloEcho, as the name implies. Let’s dig into what they are and how you can use them.

With echoes you can copy a great recommendation for your own account
With echoes you can copy a great recommendation for your own account
Niklas Bastholm Hansen
Niklas Bastholm Hansen

How to make an echo recommendation:
You can echo a recommendation by clicking the echo icon shown on any recommendation.

This will create a new recommendation, an echo-recommendation, that includes the images and text from the original recommendation. We call this an echo because you copy or “repeat” another message or recommendation. Once you have created the echo, you can find it via the “My Recommendations” page and add your own images and text to the recommendation.

Use echoes when you don’t have any images:

Make an echo when you want to share the great content from another account in your own recommendation. This is especially great if you want to make a recommendation but don’t have any images to share yourself.

Create great content and earn echo commission:

If you make a great restaurant recommendation and another account on HelloEcho wants to use your recommendation, you can earn echo commission on bookings made through the recommendation even though you didn’t refer the booking. See more about echo commission in the blog post “The commission structure explained”.

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