By Niklas Bastholm Hansen
Updated Apr. 4th 2021
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Taxation for creators on HelloEcho

Taxation is a terribly boring subject, but we have to cover it. Don’t worry, we have your back, and we will help you navigate the maze of taxation. In most countries, all income you generate from various sources will be taxable, including commissions from HelloEcho. The rules vary a lot from country to country so we will cover each country we operate in separately. You can see the list below and check the blog post dealing with your country.

Taxation is boring and difficult, but we will help you make it very easy!
Taxation is boring and difficult, but we will help you make it very easy!
Niklas Bastholm Hansen
Niklas Bastholm Hansen

First we will go through the 2 ways you can choose to be paid on HelloEcho, as a business or an individual contractor or non-business, and how you make the choice.

Choose between a Business or Non-Business account:

On the “Account Details” page you can choose to make your Creator account a Business or Non-Business account. This will affect the way we pay out commissions for you, and also how you are taxed.

If you choose a Business account, as shown above, you will be asked to provide your “Tax, VAT or Business Registration Number” provided by your government.

If you choose a Non-Business account you will need to fill out your personal registration number provided by your government.

Taxation guides for the countries we operate in:
– Danish taxation guide

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