About recommendations and how to use them

By Niklas Bastholm Hansen
Created Aug. 23rd 2021
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About recommendations and how to use them

The mission of HelloEcho is to help people share great recommendations. We believe that this is the best way for people to find inspiration to decide on which restaurants, bars or cafées to visit or which outfits to buy. We have therefore designed the platform around the idea of the user seeing recommendations from people they trust and follow

You should find great places or products from the people you trust
You should find great places or products from the people you trust
Niklas Bastholm Hansen
Niklas Bastholm Hansen

Anyone can share their recommendations on HelloEcho and you can follow your favorite social media creators here. Since our purpose is to enable you to find great inspiration for your next purchase or booking, we give businesses the option to sell the products or services that are recommended.

How to create a recommendation:

Creating a recommendation starts on the “My Recommendations” page. Here you click the “Add Recommendation” icon

You then choose the type of recommendation you would like to make. For instance you could choose a place, like a restaurant.

Then you search for the name of the place you want to recommend.

Last but not least you add your recommendation text and upload your images.

You then end up with a recommendation like this.

If the business you recommend has signed up then your recommendation would show images and text from the business, the opening hours, a map with their location and a booking widget to book the offer recommended. In this case a restaurant was recommended and so you would see a booking widget enabling the user to book a table at the restaurant.

How to collaborate on recommendations:

When you create a recommendation, you can select accounts on HelloEcho that you have collaborated with in the collaboration section.

When all collaborators create a recommendation of the same place, product or service and add each other as collaborators, then all recommendations will show texts and images from all the collaborators. This is a great way to collaborate on content and promote each other on HelloEcho.

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