Automate your influencer marketing

By Niklas Bastholm Hansen
Updated Mar. 8th 2021
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Automate your influencer marketing

If you have ever worked with social media influencers you know how time consuming it can be, and how difficult it is to determine the value you get from the collaborations. This is why we believe you must automate the process and this is why we built HelloEcho. We offer you a method to simplify and automate all aspects and only pay per booking. Read on to see how easily you can set your marketing on auto pilot, either for free or at a cost if you want to work with the most effective creators on HelloEcho. Firstly, I outline the general strategy to use on HelloEcho to automate your influencer marketing and secondly I show you how to do it.

Start with no offers of commission and discounts

For some businesses it is entirely sufficient to use HelloEcho for free, and not offer any commissions or discounts to get recommendations and promotions by social media creators. This will take no more than 2 minutes to setup.

Consider discounts for promoters to get recommendations

To get the buzz going and get more recommendations, consider adding in some discounts for promoters. This will enable them to visit you at a low cost and they may create a recommendation after their visit.

Consider discounts for guests to get bookings

If you have active recommendations but not getting sufficient bookings, consider a discount for guests. The higher the discount the more bookings.

Consider commissions for promoters to get more bookings

If you have recommendations, but too many are inactive because the promoters are requiring discounts and commission in order to promote you, then consider raising the discounts for guests and also add commissions for promoters. This will activate the recommendations and ensure you get promoted by the promoters on HelloEcho, and thus drive your bookings upward.

The how-to guide to automate with HelloEcho

Get ready to put your influencer marketing on auto pilot with the below strategy. No more emails and discussions, keep it simple and effective.

Just send the influencers to HelloEcho

When an influencer contacts you, to work with you, tell them to go to to see the discounts and commissions you offer them. This frees up your time to focus on running your business, and produce a great experience for your guests. We will take it from there.

Make your settings in 2 minutes

On HelloEcho, the promotions settings page enables you to set a commisison per booking and discounts for guests booking through a promoter. Also, you can set special discounts only for promoters. This page can be filled out in less than 2 minutes and you are all set. We suggest you start with just a discount offered for promoters, and possibly also for guests booking through promoters.

Set limits to when your offers can be used

If you want to avoid having creators book your offers at peak service hours at your place you can set a limit to ensure they only book the early or perhaps very late hours.

We promote your offers to creators

With your settings made, we promote your business to social media creators and show them what you offer. The promoter sees your offer and will typically book the high one-time offer to get maximum discount, and try out your offer.

They create a recommendation

If they enjoyed your offer, they will create a recommendation with a recommendation text and images from their visit.

You can always see the number of active recommendations you have
You can see the number of recommendations you have on the promotions settings page.

They may set requirements

When they make their recommendations they may set a required commission or discount for their guests, in order to display the recommendation.

Increase your offers to get more recommendations

If you are dissatisfied with the number of recommendations you have, or the number of active recommendations, you can consider raising your offers. You could raise the discount for promoters, the discount for their guests or perhaps the commission for promoters.

Consider a commission to really boost your recommendations

The best way to activate recommendations and get more recommendations is to offer commission to the promoters. This is easily set on the commissions settings page.

You will see the number of recommendations rise

When you raise your offer, more recommendations become active and more promoters will be interested in checking out your place to see if they should also recommend you. Both will tend to increase the number of recommendations and increase how much your place is promoted.

You pay per booking

As you get more recommendations by more promoters you will start to get bookings. We charge your account on HelloEcho according to the commission you have offered, and share the commission with the promoters involved.

HelloEcho automates all aspects of the deal

We handle all communications, payments and the invoicing and ensures everything lives up to the regulatory standards such as the VAT handling.

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