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Sell your last rooms to over booked hotels nearby

On any given day, some hotels are over booked and occasionally, a farm out is required. Since the large booking sites dont show availability after 24:00 and most farm outs are arranged during the night, it is very difficult for night receptionists to find availability for farm outs. Also, this makes it difficult for you to sell your last rooms to over booked hotels, since you cant use the large booking sites to show your availability. Thats why we created a simple availability service for hotels looking to help each other out after 24:00 and we think you will love it. By the way, this service is completely free to use. See how it works →

We turn your receptionists into concierges

The modern guest expects that your receptionists can answer every and all questions about restaurants, bars, museums and live music events nearby, and that they are able to help the guest plan an entire day combining several recommendations…. And they expect your receptionists to be able to do this quickly. This is a lot to ask for, why you should work with us. We provide your receptionists with the tools to help your guests quickly and with great ideas that makes their stay memorable and give you great ratings online on Tripadvisor etc. See how it works →

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