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We help you offer big discounts for promoters so they visit you, recommend you and create buzz. Automated, simple and free.

Promoter-marketing that works
Automate your marketing with a modern approach to word-of-mouth.
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Get a visit from the promoters that can get you valuable promotion, by offering them big discounts, only for them, at times of the day and on days of the week where you are less busy. Don't worry, we make it easy.

Get promotion

Promoters will recommend you, if they had a good visit. This is valuable promotion and many promoters will happily share pictures with you, that you can use on social media.

Reach a new audience

We work with influencers on social media, bloggers, food critics, hotels and the news media. They function as important opinion makers for an audience that seeks to be inspired.

Fully automated

We automate the whole process of identifying good promoters, help you offer discounts to them, and even commission per sale/booking. We take care of the whole process and help you all the way to make marketing a breeze.

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