About collections and how to use them

By Niklas Bastholm Hansen
Created Aug. 23rd 2021
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About collections and how to use them

A collection is a group of recommendations presented as one recommendation. This is a great way to either make more complex recommendations or make a recommendation of places that are great to recommend together.

A collection is a group of recommendations into one
A collection is a group of recommendations into one
Niklas Bastholm Hansen
Niklas Bastholm Hansen

You can use this to create great recommendations for an outfit, consisting of a dress, shoes, a necklace and a hat or maybe a night out where you both recommend a great restaurant and a cocktail bar near the restaurant to finish the great night.

How to create a collection:

To create a collection you would first need to create the individual recommendations in the collection. After having done that, you click the “collection” icon on the “My Recommendations” page.

When you create the collection you can choose the recommendations to include.

Several types of collections you can create:

You can create many types of collections, not just outfits and ideas for a great night out on the town. You can also create an “Interior design” collection combining recommendations of furniture and lamps etc., and what about a guided tour through a city or perhaps a beautiful evening walk.

You can echo a collection:

Just like you can echo a recommendation, you can echo a collection. However, be aware that you are not able to edit the individual recommendations included in the collection if you echo a collection.

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